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Leading The Way For A Sustainable Future

Empowering our workforce to innovate and improve our processes and services – while bettering the environment and our communities – is of the utmost importance. We’ve committed to operating a safe, healthy and sustainable workplace for generations to come by initiating a formalized environmental, social, and governance framework. VORTEQ’s Plant Managers have implemented sustainable development initiatives and adopted eco-friendly practices that tackle challenges like emissions reduction, product recycling, and energy efficiency. We will continue these improvements with feedback from employees, customers and suppliers. As a leader in speciality aluminum and steel coil coatings, we want to do what is right, and there is still more work to be done.


We are committed to running an eco-conscious business, by complying with all regulations to ensure the protection of our team, the community, and the environment. Operations across all VORTEQ plants track and report on air quality, energy and water usage, and waste. Our business is highly regulated, and we are proud to report we not only meet but exceed all levels of compliance.

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Safety, work-life balance, inclusivity, leadership and community development are the primary drivers of  VORTEQ’s culture. Our respected and trusted team has elevated the customer experience and improved the quality of our products. We are committed to supporting our extraordinary staff by recognizing their hard work and contributions with clear job advancement paths and community development initiatives.

Corporate Governance

Being a leader in the coil coating industry comes from a steadfast investment in our people, safety, production lines and processes, environmental protections, and our growth strategy. Our protective finishes are of extreme quality, while also being applied by the most environmentally responsible methods. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of governance and integrity in our business practices.

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