HVAC Ducts For The Most Challenging Conditions

Our advanced coated steel ducting system, POLYDUQT offers the HVAC industry the most reliable and highest quality product in the spiral duct market. Designed to withstand underground, corrosive fume, and environmentally challenging exterior aesthetic jobs. Our product guarantees UL Certification for preventing mold growth and UL 181 for flame spread and smoke. Available with either a 4x1 or 4x4 coating as standard. Special gauge and width combinations, plus unique colors and anti-microbial formulations, are available upon request.

Product Highlights

  • 3-Step Processing for a Lifetime of Endurance
  • No Environment Too Harsh
  • Mold Growth Inhibiting
  • Flame and Smoke Resistant
  • Customizable Size, Gauge, and Color
  • UL and UL 181 Certified

Our 3-Step Difference


Hot dipped galvanized steel,G-90, CS-B or better is cleaned and treated for coating.

3 step difference

Special primer is baked onto both sides. Applies to 4x4 only.

3 step difference

Special 4 mil. polyvinyl chloride coating is baked onto one side (4x1) or both sides (4x4).

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POLYDUQT Install Sheet

Extreme Weather, Humidity, Corrosion, Abrasion: V-QORE Is Your Ultimate Defense

V-QORE Premium Coatings leave no chance to the natural elements. Commoditized weaker and thinner architectural film coatings have saturated the industry, a problem VORTEQ has tackled head-on. Through rigorous testing V-QORE Premium Coatings stand up against salt spray, heavy UV exposure, humidity, sand and particle abrasion, and acid rain.

The high-build +70 micron proprietary barrier coating can be applied over steel or aluminum. Combined with a PVDF topcoat (PINNACLE) or a Urethane topcoat (EXTREME) in the color of your choice, V-QORE provides unparalleled abrasion resistance, superior performance, and a beautiful end product with a prolonged life-span.


V-QUOREV-QUORE project line
V-QUORE extremeV-QUORE product line
V-QUORE extreme 2V-QUORE product line

Tested For Toughness

Salt Spray Testing
Quantifies the creepage resistance under accelerated conditions of a corrosive environment.
Humidity Testing
Assesses the relative corrosion resistance of the coating in a controlled environment.
Abrasion Testing
Assesses the ability of the coating to resist abrasions.
Accelerated Weathering
Demonstrates the effect of light on a coating utilizing different light bulb types to simulate UV exposure and sunlight.
Kesternich Testing
Simulates the detrimental effects of acid rain on a coating system.
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For full details including product testing and assessments, please download the V-QORE brochure.